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Alliance of Indiana Rural Water

Recent blog by GroupPages on May 17, 2013

Locked Out of Your Room?

Recent blog by Star Plaza on February 12, 2013

If you are looking for somewhere to go that has fine dining, a hotel, entertainment and a theatre, the Star Plaza is the place to go. If you check out their website,, you can see everything they have to offer.  Their hotel, called the Radisson, has an outdoorsey look to it. As they say, they brought the outdoors to the indoors. They offer business meeting and conference facilities with an inviting atmosphere. Along with their beautiful hotel, Star Plaza also has a theatre. The theatre has 3,400 seats, two seating levels, star-studded history that includes Jerry Seinfeld, Tim McGraw and Christina Aguilera. There is also complimentary parking and dinner and overnight packages available. If you are hungry after the show, head on over to the dining area in the star Plaza. Here, you will enjoy delicious menu items, an Irish Pub and Atrium Bar & Lounge where you can enjoy scenic poolside dining. If you are looking for comedy after your dinner, the Star Plaza has its own Wisecrackers Comedy Club. You can enjoy dinner, a show, a comedy act and then rest up in one of the beautil Raddison Hotel rooms. 


Locked Out?

Lets say you spent a great weekend at the Star Plaza and you have just come home to a house that you cannot get into, you lost your house key somewhere between the plaza and home. So, what do you do now? Do you have a smartphone? If so, find a website for a locksmith. Once you have located the nearest locksmith, give them a call. They will come to you no matter what time of day or night it is to help you get back into you house. They will do the same if you find yourself locked out of your car or business. These specially trained people go through years of education to be able to deal with any kind of lock and key you throw at them, not literally. They can make you a new key within a matter of minutes. They are also able to install a whole new lock if that is the problem. Sometimes, a lock can seize up and not work anymore. A locksmith can replace the lock and give you a brand new house key. If you lost your key, they will make a new one and rekey your lock so the person who finds your key cannot use it on your lock. A locksmith usually has a 24 hour service so they are able to get to you no matter what time you get home from that fantastic trip to Star Plaza.

So, if you are looking for a nice place to visit, whether it is for a day, weekend or week, Star Plaza is the place to go. You will be able to get your rest, relaxation, entertainment and food all in one place. has all the information you need about everything inside of Star Plaza. With its amazing decor and entertainment, Star Plaza has everything you would want for a nice vacation all in one spot.  

The Worldly Hotel

Recent blog by Star Plaza on December 14, 2012

There is a new breed of hotels in the world — Star Plaza and this website are part of this new lineage. In short, a hotel like this is a self-contained world, fully connected to its local environment and yet at the same time fully wired with the global environment.




What to Expect



Space on the planet seems to shrink and populations increase, while distances between places also diminishes. It is easier to go to another city and arrive, than it is to deal with a bewildering local scene and landscape.


That is why the new breed of hotel has arisen. It provides an all-inclusive landing ground that puts the visitor in control of how much and how fast to interact directly with the surrounding locale.


At the same time, guests have access to so much inside the hotel complex, like the facilities at Star Plaza, which also connects them to the world via seamless Web access and online account management.


Theoretically, guests would not have to leave the hotel during short visits and get everything they need done, while also enjoying the local flavor that steeps the entire place from the inside out.



New Global Amenities



Things are changing at the local level along with the Internet, while the Web also adapts to more experienced users and generations raised on it. More and more is available online; people generally have gotten used to taking most of their favorite media, for instance, wherever they go. They either have it on a device, or, it is stored in the Cloud and is accessed wherever they go.


That is why a hotel must be connected. If not, people can get cut off from things  they depend upon that is accessed online. The rest of the amenities of a new breed of hotel are obvious: everything a visitor would need whether attending an event or organizing one. 


Even laws are changing in the US concerning various forms of entertainment that were previously illegal, like real-cash bingo, lotteries and even casinos online. The newest hotels will offer everything legally possible to people who travel the world and expect most services and entertainment to go with them.


Balfour Beatty, Top Class Services

Recent blog by Star Plaza on November 15, 2012

Discover the type of services you could be currently contracting with the fellows at Balfour Beatty, a highly popular and most appreciate utility company in England. In fact, you should know that Beatty Utility Solutions is a member of the global Balfour Beatty Group, and it is working towards creating crucial utility infrastructure that the modern life individual needs on a day to day basis. Expect the work and contribution of some of the top water, electricity, or telecommunication specialist to reunite under the same rooftop, giving birth to the customized services you and your home so desperately need.

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Final Remarks


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The Biggest- and Longest-Ever St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Northwest Indiana

Recent blog by Star Plaza on March 15, 2011

Shamrocks are blooming in Northwest Indiana as T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub’s “Going … Going .. Green!10-Day Celebration grows through St. Patrick’s Day – and beyond!

As promised, T.J. Maloney’s has been cranking out one heck of a St. Patty’s Day Celebration – the region’s biggest- and longest-ever, with 10 days of themed festivities from March 10 – 19, 2011. Each day carries a different theme – such as our “Man vs. Reuben Roll” Competition that was held on March 10, the launch of our T.J. Maloney’s Irish Drinking Club on March 11 (memberships are still available!), and our Official Training Day this past Saturday, March 12.

tj maloneystj maloneys authentic irish pubCheck out pics of our “Man vs. Reuben Roll” Competition winner Jeff Kardelis (slainte, Jeff!), as well as area-favorite New Element performing live on Official Training Day. (Click here to learn more.)

Wisecrackers Comedy Club Features Special Performer: World-Renowned Hypnotist Chuck King

Recent blog by Star Plaza on March 4, 2011

Wisecrackers Comedy Club at Star Plaza – Northwest Indiana’s premier comedy club – is set to host world-renowned hypnotist, Chuck King, for two nights of interactive, hypnotic entertainment.

wisecrackers comedy clubHeld on both Friday, March 11, and Saturday, March 12, the one-of-a-kind show will be hosted in Star Plaza’s Celebrity Ballroom, instead of the traditional venue, Star Café, to best accommodate the nature and scope of the performance. Doors will open at 8 p.m., while live entertainment starts at 9 p.m.

Show tickets are $17 per person and are available now – click here to book! Tickets purchased at the door will be $20 per person. (Click here to learn more.)

Star Plaza culinary team participates in Meals on Wheels fundraiser event that raises $68,000 for Northwest Indiana

Recent blog by Star Plaza on February 28, 2011

catering merrillville indianaThe culinary team of Star Plaza was pleased to participate in the 10th Annual “Meals on Wheels Dine with the Chef's Dinner” to help raise $68,000 for the Northwest Indiana  Chapter.  Over 400 people attended the event featuring the chef's from the Northwest Indiana Chapter of the American Culinary Federation which is dedicated to promoting the professional image of cooks and chefs through educaction among culinarians at all levels – from apprentice to master. (Click here to learn more.)

The Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, IN has issued the following statement, from President and CEO Charlie Blum:

Recent blog by Star Plaza on February 10, 2011

“The fire at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville last night during the performance of the ‘New Shanghai Circus’ was limited to the stage left curtain and did not spread into the house seating area.

The flame was immediately contained and extinguished by our in-house sprinkler system prior to the fire department arriving on the scene,” says Blum. “I am relieved to report that the 1,800 patrons in attendance, as well as the performers, were evacuated by our staff in an orderly manner, without incident or injury. Refunds for ‘New Shanghai Circus’ tickets will be given at point of purchase through Feb. 26, 2011.  The limited damage is being addressed today and we will be resuming our scheduled programming without any interruption, beginning with ‘Riverdance’ tomorrow evening,  Feb. 11, 2011 at 8 p.m.”

Valentine’s Day choices are made easy at Star Plaza where “It’s All Here”!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on February 7, 2011

valentine's day packages, valentine's day getawaysValentine’s Day is just around the corner – have you decided what you are doing with that special someone?  Are you looking for suggestions?  Look no further than Star Plaza where “It’s All Here”.  Whether you are looking for a romantic get-away, a fun filled evening full of laughs, live entertainment or one of our amazing shows, we have just what you are looking for!  Choose any of these great options during the entire weekend.  No need to limit yourself to a single day, we have something going all weekend long!

All-Inclusive Packages with deluxe hotel accommodations, meals and entertainment are just a click away – find one that is perfect for you and your special someone!
(Click here to learn more.)

T.J. Maloney’s is the Top Spot in Northwest Indiana to Watch Super Bowl 2011

Recent blog by Star Plaza on January 28, 2011

Home of traditional Irish food, beverage and hospitality – T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub is one of the top bars in Merrillville, Indiana, to gather with friends, family and colleagues – and next weekend, it’s the #1 spot in Northwest Indiana to watch the 2011 Super Bowl! On Sunday, February 6, there is no better place for football fans than our very own T.J. Maloney’s, with our genuine atmosphere, savory menus and warm hospitality … it’s your home away from home.

Northwest Indiana dining, T.J. Maloney's Authentic Irish Pub, comfort food dining Northwest Indiana, ChicagolandWhether you’re a Packers or Steelers fan, on game day, there is a perfect spot for you anywhere in T.J. Maloney’s – from our expansive bar to one of our cozy booths, you can belly up to tasty menu items, frosty beers, or better yet, both! And, in particular, the reason any seat is perfect is because we are installing FOUR new flat-screen TVs, including two behind the bar! Now, our guests can watch the Super Bowl – and any sporting event – from anywhere in the restaurant or bar. We figured what better way to introduce these nifty new additions than with a showing of the biggest sporting event of the year!

(Click here to learn more.)

A few of the top casinos to visit in America

Recent blog by Star Plaza on January 28, 2011

While the first stop for anyone seeking quality American casino action will always be Vegas, it is not the only place on the map you should be looking at with that in mind. With sites like Gaming Club coming to prominence, people wants to enjoy a bit of a gamble whilst relaxing on their vacation. For example Atlantic City is another resort with much to offer in casino terms – notably the Trump Taj Mahal and the Borgata. The former in particular offers everything from one of the biggest poker rooms of any American casino, to thousands of slot machines and live rock and roll at its Hard Rock Café built-in music venue.
The Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa is no less impressive, and the latter part will go down well if you are taking your holiday with a long-suffering spouse who doesn’t share your love of casino gaming. Another place in America that you should consider visiting if you want the best in slots and table games is Connecticut, which is where you will find the Foxwoods Casino. This is one of the largest in the U.S., and the 6000-plus slot machines make it a reel paradise for lovers of this kind of casino game. It is also a very popular casino amongst bingo fans, because of the 5000-seat bingo hall found within the complex.
If you think Foxwoods is big though, wait until you see the enormous WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma. The ‘World’ part of the name comes from the fact that the eight huge games plazas are themed around cities of the world, and overall they take up 500,000 square foot of space. The WinStar also offers sports betting options, including a separate plaza for horse racing, so there is something for all types of gamblers. Finally we come to Vegas, and there are too many top casinos there to mention, but the Bellagio remains one of the jewels in the crown of the Strip. From its extraordinary Fountains of Bellagio, to the luxury hotel accommodation, this is a casino complex that dreams are made of. It should be one of the first places any visitor to Las Vegas takes in.

Organize Your Social Events At Merrillville’s Star Plaza

Recent blog by Star Plaza on January 27, 2011

No matter if
you need to plan and organize a small or large social event,
the Star Plaza is one of the best locations to choose. The promotion of a new
product/service, the need to raise brand awareness, networking, charity or
educational events can all be successfully hosted by this superb Merrillville place.
Thanks to the space that be effectively used, Star Plaza can host large-scale
receptions, as well as smaller social events, according to your needs. And with
time being an important factor to consider when planning such a gathering, the
last thing you need is to frantically look for the ideal location and waste
even more previous time. This is where the Star Plaza resources come into the
picture, providing you with all the on-hand functions you will need to plan the
best galas, receptions, banquets, and other similar events.   


Choose The Right Dates For Your Event


You will need
to get in touch with Star Plaza by contacting the Star Plaza Catering Department
at (219) 769-6311 Ext.5321; you can also send an email at
and carefully choose the best date for your event. The number of people or guests
attending your event will strongly depend on choosing a good location and the
right time for the event.


Your Invitations Carefully


this regard, you will also need to create well-inspired invitations for your
guests. Create engaging email or paper invitations that look professional. Provide
all the necessary logistic details concerning the location and date/time of the
event and mention the need to dress fit to the occasion. Create segmented lists
of your guests, personalize the lists, and add your logo and company colors,
if the case. Specify the purpose of the social event you are organizing or a
brief hourly schedule, if necessary. Send reminders prior to the start of the
event and make full use of social media tools to promote the event. See if you
can find special guests who can attend the event no matter if you need to organize
a classy business event or a fun, engaging class reunion Star Plaza can host in
the banquet halls present there. Moreover, the Star Plaza Theatre is also
available for the organization of similar events; its 3,400 seats and the spectacular
Celebrity Circle Lounge are turning this location into an ideal one for hosting
important galas and other similar events.


top-notch Star Events Catering services backed up by more than three decades of
experience are turning this place into one of the best ones where you could be hosting
your Northwestern Indiana social event. The menus are always new and much praised,
the décor is remarkably impactful and the Star Plaza team is there to make sure
your even will become legendary.

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Star Plaza’s “Get Out Of The Cold!” All-Inclusive Overnight Package

Recent blog by Star Plaza on January 14, 2011

Brrr! It’s cold outside! As winter temperatures drop, turn to Star Plaza to escape the chill.

merrillville indiana hotels, getaways near chicagoWith a variety of warmth-inducing amenities, our multifaceted Northwest Indiana destination is the perfect winter escape – beginning with our one-of-a-kind indoor Atrium oasis. Complete with sparkling pool, waterfall and private deluxe cabanas, this dynamic hot spot is sure to melt away any lingering nippiness. Bundle in our full-service Starbucks® with piping hot beverages and seasonal sweets, and our perennially cozy T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub, with hearty Irish fare, traditional libations and festive live entertainment – and Old Man Winter’s got nothin’ on you! T.J. Maloney's Authentic Irish Pub, restaurants merrillville, Chicagoland (Click here to learn more.)

Relive – or Recreate – Your “Prom Night” at Star Plaza!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on January 6, 2011

So, you’ve had a week to recuperate from New Year’s Eve. Now, don’t you think it’s time for another party? We do!

proms, prom halls merrillville indiana, party hall merrillville indianaNext Friday, January 14, 2011, we’re hosting another blow-out Dance Party – this time, the theme is “Prom Night.” Held in our spectacular Celebrity West Ballroom, this high-energy bash will feature NWI’s very own DJ Navic, Lil Dave and Chris Trojin, and is being co-promoted by Twisted Concepts and Plan B Promo. Drink specials include $2 Domestic Draft Beer, $1 Shot Special, and a select variety of $3 bombs! “Prom Night” will be going non-stop from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Want your chance to be crowned Prom King or Queen? Enter our special “Prom Night” Costume Contest at the door to compete! Winners will be awarded a cash prize, as well as a spot in our VIP section, complete with bottle service for the King and Queen and four guests.

Tickets are available now! Advance purchase admission is $6 (online only), or $10 at the door. To order, visit (Click here to learn more.)

Get out of the cold and into Star Plaza!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on December 17, 2010

Brrr! Old Man Winter has officially arrived and it is cold outside! So as the temps drop, turn to Star Plaza for escaping the chill with two particularly cozy spots to warm up with friends and loved ones.

Northwest Indiana Irish restaurant and diningOur signature T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub is sure to warm both body and soul! At T.J. Maloney’s, you can expect a true Irish experience. Filled with rich woods, an expansive bar and authentic furniture built in Dublin, our Pub gives patrons every feeling that they have been transported to the Emerald Isle. Our friendly staff and cozy atmosphere create the “Craic” of an authentic Irish pub – a spirit that is sure to warm your soul and make you feel like you’re at a “home away from home.” 

T.J. Maloney’s dinner and lunch menus feature hearty Irish offerings, blended and balanced with American favorites. Fuel up with items such as Shepherd’s Pie, our famous Fish & Chips, Dubliner Dip with Guinness Onion Soup and Warm Irish Whiskey Bread Pudding. Not toasty enough? Our bar offerings are anchored by a selection of Irish and international lagers and ales, partnered with Irish scotches and whiskeys – sure to take the edge off any chill. T.J. Maloney’s unique environment fosters a welcoming, genuine, friendly and fun atmosphere – the perfect remedy on a cold, winter’s day. (Click here to learn more.)

Welcoming Montclair, New Jersey

Recent blog by Star Plaza on December 17, 2010

Situated in the Watchung Mountains just twelve miles away from Manhattan, Montclair Township is a place that breathes culture and art. Its reputation is built not only around the numerous museums it has to offer to its tourists, but also around the prestigious colleges and schools. Indeed, it lacks the crowds or excitement of New York or Las Vegas, but there are plenty of online casinos or other exciting places online that can compensate for such needs during a stay here. 

A short history of Montclair, New Jersey

The Lenape Indians were the first to enjoy the natural beauty of Montclair, but, as expected, their stay is not associated with notable economic developments in the area. A first move in that direction would only be made in the early 1700s, when John Speer built the border house that would lie in the middle of Speertown, as the area is known today, an area which put Montclair, then known as West Bloomfield, on the American economic map in 1831, when the Morris Canal was completed. So those interested in offline and online casinos might find some comfort after all knowing that the township became known around the same time poker was first played in Louisiana. The first railroad was built here in 1856 and that facilitated the establishment of Montclair Township in 1868. Later on, the end of WWII would bring with it the expansion of its metropolitan area. 

Tourist attractions in Montclair, New Jersey

As already mentioned, there may not be too many attractions for you if you are a poker aficionado or casino lover in general, but there surely are a lot of them for art fans. American art has a strong ally in this township, the Montclair Art Museum alone exhibiting over 15,000 objects of American and Native American art. The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens are also one of the main attraction points of the township. Built in 1927, this is the number one iris repository of the world with 3,000 varieties grown for exhibition. The Howard Van Vleck Arboretum, the Van Vleck House and Gardens, the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center and the Crane House and Museum also contribute to the huge cultural and natural potential of the area.

These attractions are accompanied by a number of 18 public parks and therefore an attractive range of recreation services. Unfortunately for gambling aficionados, they do not include casinos. However, Montclair encourages them to take a break from their poker or roulette games and relax on one of the three golf courses within the Essex Country Park System or walk around the four reservations it includes.  

Of course, there is more to Montclair than just nature and art. Its educational reputation also precedes it. The campus here brings together the students of the College of Education and Human Services, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Science and Mathematics, the College of Arts, the School of Business and the Graduate School.

Montclair, New Jersey has a lot of things to offer, from natural beauty to a rich history, from celebrated institutions to celebrated local personalities. However, if they fail to convince you that this is a place worth visiting, you can always join those fans of online casinos at

Northwest Indiana’s Top Comedy Club Celebrates 20 Years!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on December 10, 2010

It’s been two decades and we’re celebrating! Our Wisecrackers Comedy Club – Northwest Indiana’s #1 comedy club – is commemorating 20 years of hilarity with a star-studded, special anniversary show, to be held on Saturday, Dec. 18, from 9:00 – 11:30 p.m. in Star Plaza’s Celebrity Ballroom.

Our signature in-house comedy club has come a long way since debuting in 1990. Since its doors first opened, Wisecrackers has matured significantly in both scope and popularity – and is now known for playing host not only to nationally acclaimed comedians, but also sold-out shows every weekend.

So, to celebrate this success, we’re putting on a double-header show with two acclaimed comedians: Ken Evans and Isaac Witty. (Click here to learn more.)


Recent blog by Star Plaza on December 3, 2010

December is in full swing – and that means not only is Christmas around the corner, but so is New Year’s Eve. It’s time to start planning how you’re going to celebrate! And, at Star Plaza, you know we never pass up the chance to throw a good party – and what we have planned to usher in 2011 is no exception.

Star Plaza New Year's Eve BashGet ready to “Book the Bash” today because we’re bringing back the ultimate New Year’s Eve party! As the epicenter of entertainment in Northwest Indiana, we’re set to host the area’s premier event. With our unbelievable variety of restaurant, lounges and special event venues, our Star Plaza New Year’s Eve Bash will include a property-wide collection of dance parties, comedy shows, live entertainment and world-class performances. It’s all here at Star Plaza – with options for everyone!

Spectacular all-inclusive overnight packages and individual tickets are on sale now! Registered guests will be supplied with an all-access wristband upon arrival. (Click here to learn more.)


Recent blog by Star Plaza on November 23, 2010

“It’s All Here” at Star Plaza – including at your fingertips! This holiday season treat your loved ones – or even yourself! – to the convenience, ease and excitement that come with the Star Plaza Gift Card.Star Plaza gift card

Enjoy the use of this versatile card anywhere at Star Plaza – from deluxe accommodations to world-class shows to distinctive dining. With everything under one roof, the Star Plaza Gift Card caters to every preference.

The Star Plaza Gift Card can be purchased AND used at the following Star Plaza locations:

• Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza accommodations
• Star Plaza Theatre tickets
• T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub
• Starbucks® (onsite)
• Star Café
• Atrium Bar & Lounge
• Wisecrackers Comedy Club
• Star Plaza Gift Shop

Give your family, friends or loved ones the luxury of enjoying their holiday gift in a variety of memorable ways for a time to come.

Happy Holidays from Star Plaza!

Start Your Thanksgiving Celebration Early with Star Plaza’s “Black Wednesday” Bash!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on November 12, 2010

So you’ve heard of “Black Friday,” but what about “Black Wednesday?” Forget the overcrowded malls and swarms of feisty shoppers. Our “Black Wednesday” Thanksgiving Eve Bash is all about sensational DJs, all-night dancing and fantastic drink specials!Thanksgiving Eve Dancy Party Northwest Indiana

We’re ready to celebrate the long holiday weekend by getting the festivities started early – i.e. the night before Thanksgiving! And, what better way to recover from a fun night-out than on Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, as you savor turkey galore (maybe at our Thanksgiving Day Brunch!), loads of football and of course the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Our high-energy “Black Wednesday” Bash is the perfect way to get the weekend started off with a bang – AND even burn off some prelim calories!

Our Bash is co-hosted by Twisted Concepts, and will feature NWI’s own DJ Navic, James Alexander and Lil Dave in a battle of Hip Hop vs House. Drink specials include $1.50 Miller Lite bottled beer all night, $1 Shot Specials, and a select variety of $3 bombs! (Click here to learn more.)

Star Plaza Makes It Easier To Host Guests This Holiday Season!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on November 5, 2010

Do you have a houseful of guests headed your way this holiday season, but are tight on space – or maybe even on time? Alleviate added stress this year with our thoughtfully created, all-inclusive overnight package – “Spare Room for the Holidays.”

Holiday Planning, Holiday Overnight Package at Star PlazaDon’t worry about making up the sleeper sofa, digging out the sleeping bags or even changing that extra set of sheets. Treat your houseguests – and yourself! – to deluxe overnight accommodations and a daily breakfast for two with this exclusive package deal. Consider it our gift to you!

Package Inclusions:
• Quality accommodations

• Breakfast in Star Café, daily
• All applicable taxes, hotel fees, and gratuities (Click here to learn more.)

Why Move To Union Township

Recent blog by Star Plaza on November 3, 2010


If you are interested in learning why you should consider moving to Clermont County, Ohio, Union Township or the surrounding area, to be more precise, these next few lines should give you an idea. First of all, know there are little over 46,000 residents here according to the census that took place in 2010, so this means that Union Township has recorded a growth in population during the past decade. It is also one of the most lively communities in the Midwest and it was established back in 1811. It is a part of the 27 Union Townships across the state.


Administrative Information On Union Township


If you would like to know a few things on the governmental or administrative side of this location you are seriously considering joining as a legal resident, know the following. The township has a board of trustees made of three members who are currently governing it, and which are elected in November, each odd-numbered year. They enjoy a 4-year term that starts at the beginning of the following year, according to the Gregorian calendar. (January 1) Also, two of the members are elected in the year right after the elections of residency, while one of the members is chosen in the year before the elections.


Excellent Infrastructure


The Union Township is also ready to offer to all potential visitors looking to turn into business people here an amazingly developed infrastructure that is unparalleled. So if you are looking forward to coming to a place where commercial booming is at home, feel free to check out Union Township. The steady economical growth that is recorded each passing year here is an extra reason why you could consider relocating here, especially if you need a place to stratup a brand new business.   


Recreational Activities in Union Township


If you are interested in the recreational activities you could be embracing here also, we are pleased to inform you that you have plenty of amazing natural parks featuring excellent shelters that are made available for reservation. Mt. Carmel Park, Ivy Point Park, Veterans Memorial, and Clepper Park. These parks are the jewelry of Union Township and they offer a wide range of activities that can be practiced by both active and passive types of visitors. All four parks are open to the general public every day, sunrise till sunset, and they occasionally host a series of interesting public events.


There are also baseball courts that are available for reservation purposes, and you can do this by simply completing the online form you are going to discover on our web site, in the special Forms Library section.


If you are readily convinced that Union Township could prove to be just the place for you, we encourage you to get in touch with some expert movers in the area where you live. You could check out the services provided by the fellows at Oasis Moving Las Vegas; for a full spectrum of what they have to offer, feel free to visit their website and get your quotes today.


Star Plaza is Keepin’ It Green!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on October 29, 2010

Six months ago, our Star Plaza team embarked on a journey to implement a variety of “green” practices, as part of White Lodging Services Inc.’sKeep It Green” program. The overlying goals were to encourage energy and water conservation, reduce waste, reduce air pollution and to protect the world’s natural resources. We are now proud to announce that we are a certified “Keep It Green” hotel! (Click here to learn more.)

No Tricks, Just Treats – and Beats! – at our Halloween Bash Next Friday, Oct. 29th

Recent blog by Star Plaza on October 22, 2010

Known for our blow-out bashes, Star Plaza is set to host another high-energy dance party in honor of the upcoming spook-tacular holiday – our Haunted Hotel Halloween Costume Bash. The perfect way to kick-off the Halloween weekend, this action-packed event will feature NWI’s own DJ Navic, Chicago’s Boi Jennius from 103.5 Kiss FM, James Alexander and David Prentoski. It’ll be a pulse-pounding battle of the DJs, spinning Hip Hop, House and Top 40 all night long!

A special sweet treat? Our Costume Contest features a $1,000 CASH PRIZE for best costume – so get creative! First place prize is sponsored by Frozen Ghost Vodka, while second and third place prizes are sponsored by Star Plaza. Additional sponsors include Twisted Concepts and Miller Lite.

Check out details on NWI’s #1 Halloween Bash! (Click here to learn more.)

‘Tis the Season for STAR Holiday Event Planning!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on October 8, 2010

It’s that time again: time to actually make good on last year’s New Year’s resolutions that you’ll start planning this year’s holiday party early, i.e. before Thanksgiving! While we too are still excited with end of summer/early fall highlights such as football season and the leaves changing, it’s also when we – specifically Star Events – launch into full winter holiday event planning mode.

In the blink of an eye the festive holiday season will be upon us, and we are already receiving requests to host special family gatherings and corporate holiday parties, as well as for event catering. So, we wanted to fill you in on – or even remind you of – the many reasons to book your holiday festivities with us at Star Plaza before time runs out! (Click here to learn more.)

And, the ROSE Award Goes To … Two of Our Star Plaza Employees!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on October 1, 2010

On Wednesday, September 29th, the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority (SSCVA) honored two of our Star Plaza employees – Paul Wheaton and Beverly Wheaton – with ROSE (Recognition of Service Excellence) Awards.Rose Awards, SSCVA, Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza, Merrillville Indiana

Paul and Beverly are brother and sister – and the first-ever brother and sister winners in the history of the ROSE Awards. Paul and Beverly have been working at our property for a compelling 12 and 19 years respectively. Receiving a ROSE Award is a tremendous accomplishment, and we are so proud of our team members!Rose Awards, SSCVA, Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza, Merrillville Indiana

Also, recognized at the award ceremony were Fermin Monreal and Mark Tarlton, who were another two of our ROSE Award nominees due to their extraordinary contributions to Star Plaza and their superior guest service skills.

The ROSE Awards are presented annually by the SSCVA, and were created to recognize exceptional front-line hospitality employees who go above-and-beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. Most often, guests have more interaction with front-desk employees than an owner or manager, and ultimately have a lasting impression on guests. (Click here to learn more.)

White Lodging Puts Its Best Foot Forward as Our Company’s Donations to the “Back on My Feet” Organization Reach $100,000!

Recent blog by Star Plaza on September 27, 2010

White Lodging has been stepping up for a great cause … literally! In support of the organization “Back on My Feet” (BOMF), which uses running as an incentive to get homeless people into job training and independent living, White Lodging – our parent company – and our fellow associates launched fundraising efforts over Labor Day weekend with an internal “Sneaker Day,” during which all employees were allowed to wear sneakers to work upon making a $5 donation.

The results were spectacular – and certainly (Click here to learn more.)

Does Star Events Make You Starry-Eyed?

Recent blog by Star Plaza on August 26, 2010

Carrying a 40-year legacy of high-profile meetings, buzz-worthy events and top-notch service, Star Plaza – and our Star Events team specifically – take delivering the highest caliber of meetings and events very seriously.

Star Plaza is regarded as one of the premier meeting and event destinations in Northwest Indiana – featuring 67,000 square feet of versatile meeting and conference facilities. Both our property (Click here to learn more.)

What Is Your Favorite Star Plaza Memory?

Recent blog by Star Plaza on July 29, 2010

Did you know that Star Plaza just celebrated a birthday? Forty years, in fact! We think our ever-evolving, star-studded history is pretty cool – and we thought we’d share our story with you.Holiday Star prior to Star Plaza

Star Plaza has been family-owned and -operated since its origin four decades ago. The property was the very first venture of (Click here to learn more.)

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Star Plaza

Recent blog by Star Plaza on June 15, 2010
  1. See a show at the famous Star Plaza Theatre
  2. Get away from it all in one of our deluxe guestrooms, complete with a private balcony
  3. Take a dip in our indoor and outdoor pools
  4. Laugh the night away at our very own Wisecrackers Comedy Club
  5. Top patio dining! Open for the season at T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub
  6. Dine with the “Stars” at Star Café
  7. $5.00 Martinis and $5.00 Patron Silver shots on Fridays
  8. Free LIVE entertainment every weekend!
  9. Get down to business with your next corporate event
  10. Plan the wedding of your dreams
  11. Bonus! Here’s an extra…Starbucks®. Need we say more?
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