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Jamey Stone – Weekend of August 29, 2014

Jamey StoneBouncing back and forth between playful sarcasm and crazed rants, Jamey proves that you can be both a positive realist and annoyed curmudgeon simultaneously. Wry, sarcastic, and edgy, Jamey will make you laugh at yourself and others without guilt.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Jamey’s search for sanity in a crazy world led him to the stages of comedy clubs where his off-center, ironic approach to comedy and slightly demented look at life caught on with audiences. Encouraged by the positive response, he began to take his show to clubs nationally. With regular bookings in every corner of the country and appearances at both the San Francisco Comedy Competition and on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom radio show, Jamey has made people laugh from California to New York and from Minnesota to Texas!

Jamey is on the road most of the year and has become a regular at some of the best clubs around the country.

Mike Green – Weekend of September 5, 2014

Mike Green resizedThe talented Mike Green was the winner of both the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and New York Comedy Expo in the same year. In addition, he has been honored as Hour magazine’s “2011 Comedian of the Year,” and he was also the winner of “Best Clean Comedian” at the 2011 Gilda’s Laugh Festival.

Mike is a writer and performer at Fox Sports Detroit, while the Detroit News has described him as: “if you liked the kid in lunch room that made you spit milk out of your nose, then you’ll love Mike Green!” That pretty much sums it up!

Check out Mike’s website for more details!

Ron Feingold – Weekend of September 12, 2014

Ron Feingold resizedRon Feingold has been a professional touring comedian for 21 years, entertaining with his unique “Comedy A Cappella” Show, where he combines stand-up comedy and a cappella music by performing all of the vocals himself…even the drums!

Performing parodies, impressions and funny songs along with his stand-up comedy, Ron’s show has a little bit of everything. He’s opened for bands like REO Speedwagon, Grand Funk Railroad, Jazz Vocalist Diana Krall and The Beach Boys.

Ron has been onstage since the age of 10 and professionally on the road since the tender age of 19. A regular comedy club, corporate, casino and cruise ship performer, Ron has a demanding schedule averaging about 200 shows a year from Vancouver B.C. to Orlando, Florida – and most places in between!

Check out Ron’s website for more details!

Alysia Wood – Weekend of September 19, 2014

Aylsia WoodAlysia Wood is one of the bright new faces to come out of the strong Seattle comedy scene.

The Louisiana native has settled in Los Angeles where she caught the attention of the legendary founder of the Improv chain, Budd Friedman.  He bestowed the title of “America’s Next Funniest” comedian upon her at Harrah’s Improv in Las Vegas in 2010. The competition was sponsored by the DVD release of the movie, “Funny People,” and ijoke.com. In addition, Alysia was a finalist in many more competitions, including the California’s Funniest Female Competition.

She was also selected as a Hot Comedian of 2009 by Campus Activities Magazine. College audiences agree, “Wood can turn almost anything into a joke.”

National Lampoon Comedy Radio on XM calls her “Hysterical!” and constantly airs her sound bites. She appears on the prestigious, nationally-syndicated show “Bob & Tom,” where her material has been complimented as “well-written… well-structured.”

She is also a contributing writer for internet columns and a frequent guest on many podcasts.  As an actress, she is currently playing “the wife” on a Punchline Magazine original series, “Backporch Wisdom”.

Check out Alysia’s website for more details!

Matt Holt – Weekend of September 26, 2014

Matt Holt resizedMatt Holt is the youngest of eight kids. No, his family is not Catholic. They do drink, swear and gamble - they just don’t believe in repenting for it!

Matt’s story begins with the fortune of being raised by humorous parents and being surrounded with a wonderful cast of misfits, felons, and fugitives, who just happen to be related to him. Who could ask for more? He bases his humor on these experiences, and he never misses an opportunity to laugh at himself and the world around him. Audiences appreciate Matt’s quick, razor-sharp wit and his relaxed style.

Check out Matt’s website for more details!

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